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We are an Auto Body Repair Shop in Woodland Hills, CA Specializing in German Cars

  • We are the best when it comes to repairing damaged German cars.

    We have everything it takes to get your BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini Cooper, etc. back to brand new factory look.

    Woodland Hills Auto Body Repair Shop parts are all original and our employees all have years of experience in at least one German car manufacturer. We have repaired and serviced hundreds of cars and counting.

    We have a ten bay garage which allows us to work on many cars at the same time so that we complete your repairs promptly and return it to you with no delays.

    Below is our Collision Center in Woodland Hills located at 5332 Topanga Canyon Blvd # A Woodland Hills, CA. As you can see our Collision Center is full with German cars that we work on daily and we restore to their original factory seals so then look new when a customer drives them home.

    Auto Body Shop In Woodland Hills, CA Specializing In German Cars

  • Auto Body Shop Time Efficiency

    When it comes to time and efficiency, we are the best. We have had cars come in that are totaled and we finish them within 2 weeks, depending on how fast the customer is in need of the project to be done.
    We will do that for you and we’ll get your car back on the road for you to enjoy it and drive it home as soon as possible.

    24/7 Towing

    If you were recently in an accident and you need our services, we can offer you affordable towing to our location so that we can fix your car and get it back to you in working order.

Our Services

    • Welding
    • Uni-Body Straightening
    • Brakes
    • Scratch Removal
    • Towing Assistance
    • Expert Color Matching
    • Dent Repair
    • Auto Body Repair
    • Complete Collision Repair
    • Auto Detailing
    • Rust Repairs
    • Heavy Duty Collision & Paint Repairs
    • Hail Damage
    • State of the Art Auto Painting
    • Glass Replacement
    • Auto Restoration
    • Bumper Repair
    • Oil Changes
    • Mechanical Service
    • Tune-ups
    • Complete Frame Work Capability

Woodland Hills Auto Body Repair Shop Services

Ever find yourself with a car that has been in an accident or even a small fender bender and it left a mark behind or even got the car to a situation where it is not even drivable anymore? It is a bit hard to drive a car that does not look very good. People look at you weird and wonder how bad of a driver the person is. Our Auto Body Repair Shop is able to take your car no matter how bad the accident and we can restore your car in no time! Your car will look nothing like before. We do not just repair, we renew. Because even the best repair jobs cannot be perfect so we would rather replace it all with a new original made in Germany parts.

Our customers often wonder what is our secret that makes our work so clean, and our answer is always very simply that Auto Body Repair Shop Woodland Hills works from the heart so no matter who the customers are we treat them all the same and want their damaged car to turn out the same. With the best prices in town, Woodland Hills Auto Body Repair Shop will work with you on the price. Did you already a receive a quote from a different body shop? No problem! Bring that quote over and let us show you what Auto Body Repair Shop Woodland Hills will offer you. Many body shops in our area charge really cheap prices but what their customers do not realize is that just like their prices are cheap so is their work, CHEAP! You will find your car doesn’t look like it is supposed to look or how it looked when it was in new condition. So what are you waiting for? Need an auto body repair shop for German cars CALL 818-264-0771.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Does your BMW have a busted quarter panel? does your Mercedes have a broken bumper? or does your Audi frame damage? bring it over to German Tek Collision center of Woodland Hills and let Auto Body Shop Woodland Hills take car of you.

Need a quote or got questions over the phone? No Problem! Give us a call at 818-264-0777 and ask away and get all your questions answered right away Woodland Hills Auto Body Shop is here for you.