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Here’s what some of our Woodland Hills, CA customers are saying about us:

This place is great! I had a cracked windshield and was referred to this place. I called them on Tuesday (yesterday), and my windshield was replaced on Wednesday (today). Super fast service and convenient. Ask for Alan. Btw, I don't have a German car, but they still worked on my car, so don't let the name of the shop defer you if you don't have a German car.

Julia A. Yelp Review

After a huge accident with my brand new bmw I had my car towed to a bmw authorized body shop recommended by dealer and after two days they called me and said they can't match the paint because my car is a Matt color, so I called around and found German Tek body shop and they said they can take care if it. So finally towed my car to them and they took care of the repairs and paint job. Got my car back in a few weeks as good as new. Great people and service.

Kevin H. Yelp Review

So I crashed my 2014 Mercedes two weeks ago really bad and I called my insurance and took my car to the body shop that my insurance recommended but when I got there I noticed they just did some sloppy jobs on some cars that were ready for delivery. I called one my friends who took his BMW to German Tek after he crashed his car not too long ago and he was very happy. I called german tek and they sent a tow truck to pick up my car from the other shop, worked with my insurance and finished my car perfectly. great people to work with. They also helped me with rental car during the time of repair.

Neda O. Yelp Review

was standing right outside his business where it occurred. The other lady went ballistic and Alan calmed everything down. His demeanor also transfers to his mechanical shop and his ability to get things handled in a professional manner. I have never felt so relaxed after an unavoidable event as I did with Alan taking the lead. My rent car arrived after he got me the best rate, he repaired my car to an impeccable state and his employees are the bomb, also. Thank you, Alan, for everything!

karen b. Yelp Review

Awesome place!!! Ask for Allen, I love when you can find a great, no B.S business. They repaired our car with major sandstorm damage and also replaced my rear shocks, did a fantastic job. It took 9 days to get my car back because they were overwhelmed with work -- just proves that they are busy because people trust them, so I didn't mind the wait. Always better to walk into a place jam packed rather than empty -- tells you a lot right away.

Jean Pierre F. Yelp Review

It is an amazing feeling for someone like me to be able to trust their mechanic...Habib and Allen are good, honest people who always helped me and directed me the right way, if its for normal routine maintenance for my cayenne S or when the wear and tear of my 2005 model requires mechanical repair. I highly recommend them. Much better than a few 'German' Porsche mechanics I tried before and definitely much more cost affective than the dealership.

Ilan L. Yelp Review

I got into an accident with my brand new car not too long ago. German Tek not only came to tow my car at the accident site very quickly, but towed it with no charge. Within a month, my car was back to its perfect shape. I highly recommend this body shop.
Great service, great staff, friendly environment.

Ray M. Yelp Review

After my review they addressed all my concerns. I would have liked everything to go smoothly from the beginning but I guess life happens sometimes. I do question some of their vendors for they failed to do a good job with my car but I guess that is beyond German Tek's control. At least German Tek handled the issues and paid for my rental while everything gets handled. I still have a missing license plate and I'm sure German Tek will reimburse for the new ones when they come.

Ray M. Yelp Review

i had a few of my cars repaired at germen tek for the past 6 years i will never go to another body shop again germen tek is professional and they know how to help a customer and they do great work thank you alan and habib you guys are great.

John G. Yelp Review

STRANGE EXPERIENCE to see my battered M3 made like new. The tricky suspension,and the difficult paint were returned to their original condition.
A BMW engineer (My wife's cousin) helped me inspect the finished work in detail--and he said the quality of work was unusually good, even 'rare'. Beyond my expectations. Really. The manager ,Alan, turned out to be a careful communicator, kept every promise. Either I was lucky or this is a great place for doing meticulous collision work.

Gerald G. Yelp Review

Very honest and accommodating folks. We have taken both our cars there so far and it's rare that you are pleasantly surprised with the service and fees with mechanics. They even agreed to wash our car nearby even though they dont do that on the premises. We are very happy to have found German Tek and will continue to use them for a long time!

Fadi S. Yelp Review

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